My take on the 2016 Presidential Election.

I respect Hillary as a woman, but I can’t respect her politics. It amazes me how oblivious a lot of people are to real life issues experienced in this country, to which Donald Trump has brought to light. His delivery may have been awful but it still doesn’t deviate from the issues. If uneducated white men and women are most of Trump’s fan base, it’s because of educated people, in general, are out of touch. If politicians aren’t fond of Trump it’s because they will not risk their career for an entertainer. He’s an outsider. Politicians, on the other hand, play it safe and touch lightly on issues that will win them votes. For example: blocking bills to criminalize animal abuse, or helping to protect correctional officers. Is his Vice President pick and his experience in Celebrity Apprentice not a clear indication that he knows how to appoint the right person for a job?
These common issues are brought up at debates or in mainstream media but what goes on in congress is a totally different process. The media has done a marvelous job twisting Donald Trump’s words and sadly he and his team have failed miserably at defending him. For example: if you look at the video that was released of him talking about groping women. As he stated, that was ‘locker room talk’, that was macho behavior. But that’s expected of Trump. He is successful… was! But when he stepped out of that van and Bush instigated the situation by asking them to hug, Trump can be heard mentioning his wife. Like really look at that video and picture Trump as someone other than Trump. A regular guy, per se. You wouldn’t be nearly as offended.
All of these women now stepping up to accuse him of sexual assault is just deplorable. It just baffles me how we could condemn Trump for these accusations when Bill Clinton was actually impeached (one of two presidents) for his behavior. Yes, he’s not running, but are we really as forgiving enough to allowing him to live back in the White House? I have grown tremendous respect for Hillary as a woman, but her politics is trash and she is not in touch. Barack Obama may have been in touch (thank you for extending unemployment insurance back in 2009), but Hillary is not. Same party, somewhat similar agendas, but it can change just as quickly as the agenda’s of Republican vs Democratic changed after the civil war. Democratic Party are enablers and must be given boundaries! If Hillary wins, the playing field will shift and for a very long time. The media is manipulating the crap out of the bottom feeders. They’re relying on the young voters who are voting for the first time and have no clue what they’re doing. If Donald Trumps feeds off of America’s insecurities, as do the liberal media. It’s a good thing Bernie Sanders got as far as he did, I am sure they negotiated a better spot in the senate for him (For you college students waiting for a handout, my kid’s generations ain’t about to pay y’all way).
Donald Trump may have shown to be entry level applying for an executive position, but Hillary is like the store brand of the Republicans that Democrats dislike so much. Hell, Bernie’s politics and Obama’s have more in common than Obama’s and Hillary’s. She wasn’t always a Democrat if you do your research. Nevertheless, Trump has proven to be relatable to working class, despite his billionaire status. And him taking tax breaks is human behavior. Who wouldn’t? He would have been stupid had he not done so. Oh, I have five kids, all of these businesses and a tax break opportunity but I won’t take it because of #icare? Ha. Look at the celebrities supporting Hillary. Kathy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, I can name more; but yet the Royal Family in England are seen doing more philanthropy work than these rich celebrities who play it safe by only sticking to issues like gay rights (changing the course of history slowly but surely – hmm, not the time!), global warming (it’s a hoax to seem empathetic), woman’s rights (when it’s beneficial), etc… Jesus Christ! *violin playing*
Too much is at stake. I’ll take my chances because I just don’t like Hillary’s direction… it should be a requirement to know the U.S. Constitution before being allowed to vote! At least amend for a minimum associate degree. You can’t be a foreigner coming to #Murica and solely basing your votes on your situation (coming here with nothing) when others too have sacrificed generations after generations to get where they are, some farther behind than others, but trust, the Hillary that’s running for president is not for true American citizens. Yes, this country was built on immigrants, however, it has become so much more. It has reached its peak…. What has been proposed by the Democratic Party is theft. Why work on Syria or other impoverished countries when inner cities are in a horrendous state. Wtf are y’all running from? Oh, it’s your ego you’re chasing, your problems you’re running from, all while trying to nurture someone else’s… know that scenario all too well! Keep the competition at home… as the rich are being accused of stealing…. 8 years of Democrat should warrant at least four years of Republican. Nix Hillary if you haven’t done so…let me be your voice of reasoning

The Big Apple

New York City!  I had the pleasure of visiting and spending the day in Manhattan, New York two weeks ago!  Not my first time but with each visit a realm of new, different experiences that gives me the feeling of being at home.  New York City is such a remarkable place, unlike any other city in the world.  So I guess let me get right into describing my most recent experience in the Big Apple!

Upon first stepping off of the bus I did not know where to go or how I was planning to spend my day.  Although, I researched nearby places to visit from drop off area (Bryant Park, right across from NYU’s campus).  The streets of New York City was crowded.  Tourist, people, and traffic was busy, but refreshing.  Within the first two hours I visited the New York Library.  It was a huge architectural building.  Then the Empire State Building, then the NOMA Museum.  I also had the opportunity to visit some of Trumps hotels as well as central park.  Snapping photo’s every chance I got.

The Rocker Feller center had so many interesting things.  I stopped by there for lunch at one of the restaurants and was extremely impressed.  I did a little shopping in Time Square and just enjoyed the scenery.  Without further adieu, here are some pictures I took during my time there.  I look forward to my next visit and hope it is for much long than a day!  Enjoy

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Blogging Again

Hello.  I know, it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been so busy with school and other personal things it rarely crosses my mind.  Although now, I plan to at least show some consistency on here for the upcoming seasons and moving forward, but forgive me if my blogs are a little sporadic.

School ends this week for me for a while and I couldn’t be more relieved.  Besides accumulating loans, I’m not sure how it has contributed to my life yet.  My people skills has drastically decline, as well as my confidence.  I have learned a lot regarding though… honestly I have!  But I think I would have learnt those things either way as I get older!  I have made some drastic chances throughout these past 6 years that I am still contemplating whether or not they were for the greater good.  In the process I haven’t really made any effort in making new friendships on campus since it seems as though I am surrounded by students so much younger than myself.  I have always had difficulties making friends so I am not nearly as surprised about that!

Anywho, I’ll post blogs regarding my adventures thus far since the weather has gotten warmer!  My trip to the NYC (been there plenty of time before but each time it is just different), beach trip next week, small little adventures in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and many other things I plan to get back into, like gardening, sewing, writing, fashion you name it!  I’m excited!  Are you excited?  Until then, be good my love bugs, muah!

Washington DC Metropolitan Area Traffic

Washington DC Metropolitan Area Traffic

Washington DC Metropolitan area has to be one of the most frustrating for commuter. If you do not leave one end of town early enough to beat traffic considered yourself highly frustrated with life. God forbid don’t it let rain, people act as though the world is coming to an end. It seems as though every day I95, 495, and 395 has some type of construction going on. Recently though, it has been the worse, but I’m optimistic that this summer once the children are out of school, there will be less school buses and traffic will slow down a bit.  It always does.

Image: MadamFeir

Welcome Blog World

As I embark the life of a blogger, I am not sure what to expect or even what I hope to get out of this.  Okay, I will admit, lots and lots of laughs and occasional cries.  During the past few years it has been suggested to me on more than one occasion.  Although I always thought, hmm what could I possibly have to share with the world?  What makes my thoughts and opinions so important that it must be heard?  It turns out I have a lot to share.  Remarkable insights, questions, you name it.  I hope my perspective on different issues as I go through this journey helps someone in the long run; just as I hope to learn for you all.  Welcome to the world and mind of a fierce woman.   Signing off, with loves. Christine